Turkey Iran Trade Summit and Fair
Başlama Tarihi: 27.09.2016

* By 2015, Iran economy has a gross product size of 396 billion dollars. In this respect, Iran ranks as the 29th biggest economy of the world.


* The fair will be organised to increase regional exports and access the post-embargo Iran market and promises great opportunities for our region as well as Turkey.


* Iran market has a great volume that attracts the whole world after the embargo.


* For us, Eastern and Western Azerbaijan that have a 30 million population are a great market in particular.


* Our region’s strategic, transport and cultural proximity are our biggest advantage for entry into this market.


* This is an important market that will relieve contracted markets.


* In particular, through the preferential trade agreement between Turkey and Iran, there is a trade volume of 10 billion dollars. Furthermore, there is a 35 billion dollar export objective planned to be reached in line with 2023 targets.


                Iran promises a very significant development and growth potential and the investment amount expected to be made to Iran is foreseen to amount to 100 billion dollars. With new investments, the future of Iran economy seems quite bright.

Başlama Tarihi: 27.09.2016
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